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Call for Proposals

The National Conference of State Fleet Administrators (NCSFA) is seeking expert data collection, data analytics, benchmarking, and publishing services for information maintained by its member agencies. The purpose of obtaining these services is to provide the means necessary for the Association to compile industry and participant data, establish industry standards of measure, and create tools for NCSFA and its member agencies.

The projects goals and objectives are:

Goal 1: To inform and educate members with metrics that they can use to improve their fleet programs

Goal 2: Formalize and publish standards of measurement that are relevant to government fleets 

Goal 3: Establish a reference document that will give NCSFA membership the necessary information to leverage with their leadership to modify programs

Goal 4: Increase NCSFA’s prominence and position organization to stand as the source of government fleet metrics

If you are interested in submitting a response, please download the Request for Proposals document here. All bids submitted by February 1 will be accepted.

If you have any questions please submit them to

National Conference of State Fleet Administrators

201 East Main Street, Suite 1405, Lexington, KY  40507 • Email:

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